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Be a Follower, Don’t Vote! but don’t complain either…

Be a Follower, Don’t Vote!  but don’t complain either…

This is not a literary piece. It’s personal. Cover your ears and hide your eyes if you don’t want to know my opinion.

I need to rant on those Americans who don’t vote, but have the nerve to bitch and complain about the state our country is in. How dare you!  If you don’t take the opportunity to vote – you are throwing away your right to complain, because you do nothing to help fix the problem. Instead, you are part of the problem the rest of us are trying to fix.

  • This right, you were given by Veterans who defended to protect your right to vote. Many died or suffer injury for the rest of their lives. Use the gift they left for you, don’t let it be in vain!
  • Citizens in other countries are dying in civil wars to have the same rights as you. Don’t be a “spoiled-entitled” American. Use your right to vote!
  • Women – many went before you and fought so that you could vote. It took women suffragists over 70 years to win women the right to vote in the United States. They endured countless bouts of torture and humiliation so women could be a voice in this country. It is that important. Use your voice, we truly need to hear you… Vote!
  • Please educate yourself and vote. Don’t be a follower. Corporations have paid billions to sway the vote from ignorant voters. Vote!

Regardless of your political affiliation, your vote matters. Use it!  (Or don’t. That’s your right too, but don’t bitch!)

Ok, I’m done ranting. I need to go vote now…


What to kill, what to kill… …

What to kill, what to kill… …

How does one really know what to edit out or keep in a manuscript? Readers tell you different things based upon their personal tastes and, of course, those are the readers I want to reach. This editing thing is so frustrating… Darling Pugs

Just Another High School Shooting, but it Changed Everything

Just Another High School Shooting, but it Changed Everything

They went into their day not knowing they would return a different person than they had been that morning. We were also changed…

Yesterday there was a shooting, a killing, murders of children at a neighboring school. Marysville-Pilchuck High had been attacked by one of its own, a teen who couldn’t find another way to cope. As parents, we worried about how our young teens would handle the shooting of  peers in a place where violent crime is very low. Friends and family contacted us, knowing the stress and fear it must be causing our kids, but sadly, they were ok.

I say “sadly” because I realize that this generation sees violence in the press daily, marketed to them in movies and video games as money-making tools, yet drive-by shootings, child abductions, and terrorist attacks still alarm our generation. We were used to Saturday morning cartoons, playing ball in the street, and walking to school. But for our children, violence has become commonplace and “sadly” they have become desensitized. Our children are warm-hearted and very caring kids, but they did not seem to identify with the situation. Yes, the shooting bothered them and it was the talk of the school, probably will be for a while, but they were detached – my husband and I were not.

We cried out of sympathy and respect for the distressed parents who were enduring panic, fear, and shock of not knowing if your child was dead or if he/she was the shooter. We could not imagine having to go to the hospital and having to inspect the bodies of two unidentifiable girls in critical condition to see if she was your daughter – 20 parents went to the hospital in an attempt to identify these girls with disfigured faces due to the gunshot wounds, all hoping she wasn’t theirs. We worried about the teachers, staff (especially the cafeteria worker to stopped the shooter), and the trauma they would suffer for the rest of their lives.

I feel helpless and search for answers or a cure to resolve the issues that empowered the shooter in the first place. I have none, for these parents can no longer make their children feel secure, able to trust friends or family, or teach them how to identify the “boogie man”.

All was taken away yesterday, they came home different from how they had left that morning.

Our hearts and condolences go out to all those touched by this tragic event…

Forever Changed