BOOK REVIEW: “The Oven House” by Lynne Rees

BOOK REVIEW: “The Oven House” by Lynne Rees

Paths are always forked with decisions…

The Oven House, by Lynne Rees, is an organic tale of a woman coming to terms with a tempting relationship, leaving her torn between comfortable familiarities and tantalizing unknowns. Sometimes, the path we choose takes us down an unplanned course of shameful behaviors. Sometimes it leads us to the innocent excitement of budding love, sinful sex, and a youthful hunger for life. But sometimes, the path leads us safely back to the warmth of home… what to choose, what to choose!

As a lover of books, I like that Ms. Rees paints a sensory experience of quaint English bookstores and collector edition books. I enjoyed the main character, although at times, she frustrated me and I wanted to wake her up to the realities of what she was doing to her ideal life – just as I would a dear friend. However, I could feel the thrill of new romance and I wanted that excitement for her too. I really enjoyed the passion of the story, the innocence, and the turmoil the character was working through.

I did find some niggling format/English issues that an editor could have smoothed out, but that might just be more of my personal taste as this type of format is not my norm. I recommend reading “The Oven House” by Lynne Rees. I think you will really enjoy it.

And, I truly love the cover of this book!


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