This Ain’t Your Momma’s Romance Novel

This Ain’t Your Momma’s Romance Novel

I am not a romance reader. It has been many years since I picked up a Harlequin book, especially one by a new author, but “Call Me Tiffany” by Kris Rafferty has completely changed my opinion of romance novels. I read it in one sitting! I rarely do that. Starting a “chance meet” at a seedy bar on the first page, the book revs up quickly to boiling speeds and never leaves the reader behind. This ain’t your momma’s kind of romance.

Suspenseful and sexy, this on the edge of erotica thriller leaves the heroin, Harley Whitman, in an unfamiliar world of criminal intrigue and wealth. Strangers surround her believing she’s the heir to millions and work to strip her of her legacy – and her life. But Harley is a feisty do-what-needs-to-be-done kind of woman who isn’t afraid to use her feminine prowess to lure her antagonist and use him as needed. Ryker Martin is every woman’s dream. He’s cool, smart with a bit of cockiness, and extremely well versed on how to entice a woman’s body through many smoldering love scenes. By page two, you’ll be hiding deep behind the book and ordering pizza to feed the family for dinner.

There is one thing I disagree about with the author. She writes, “She was pretty. She had a mirror. It wasn’t conceit. But she wasn’t beautiful. No one would ever mistake Harley as being special.” I liked Harley Whitman and thought she was a very special heroin. Not only was she beautiful and witty, she’s resourceful, intriguing, and had the man by the, uh, “horn”.

“Call Me Tiffany” is an action packed thriller with all the elements we desire. I highly recommend this little read for those who want a book that moves fast, characters that one can relate to, and scenes that one will want to lust over. You’ll wish it was longer, like I did. I’m looking forward to Ms. Rafferty’s next book.

Check it out!


About Aubry MacMillan

Statement of Confession: I’m an out-and-out Carb Addict (I see no problem with fudge brownies for breakfast) and coffeeholic (to wash down the fudge brownie when it sticks to my teeth). I love crunching the ice in my tea (two things never to tell my dentist) and reading a good book (or two or three - as many as my nightstand can withstand). I’m head-over-heals-married to every woman’s (and some men’s ) dream come true. I have a multitude of children (no joke! We are “Yours, Mine, Ours, and Everyone Else’s” ) and I love them each beyond their comprehension - even though they’ll drive me to an early grave when they fight over who is NOT going to care for me in my last days… yeah, I still love them. I am an observer to the human plight (what the hell are we thinkin’?!) and compassionate lover of those who cannot defend themselves from our plight. I am a writer with the soul of those who came before me and opened the doors for me to be whomever I want. (I’m to be continued… … …)

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