Writer’s Block: “Got an enema for that?”

Writer’s Block: “Got an enema for that?”

Do you ever just want to crap out those bad writing ideas that are blocking your creative process and let the good ones get flowing again? Sadly, there is no enema for that. My mom, a nurse, swore enemas took care of everything. Mom was wrong. So, when I am stuck between first person, third person, this scene or that, I walk away. I need to regroup. I do not regroup with prune juice and Metamucil shaken with a splash of Milk of Magnesia. No, sometimes my “regrouping” comes at a price to our furniture, walls or whatever can take on paint. I painted our kitchen cabinets. Well, not painted them so much as I painted on them. I even painted a huge wall mural in the living room. It’s not that I get writers block often, just sometimes. Sometimes, I am unable to relate to my characters for a moment. It’s as if I disconnect, but come back to loving them later. Does this happen to you? How do you handle writer’s block?


About Aubry MacMillan

Statement of Confession: I’m an out-and-out Carb Addict (I see no problem with fudge brownies for breakfast) and coffeeholic (to wash down the fudge brownie when it sticks to my teeth). I love crunching the ice in my tea (two things never to tell my dentist) and reading a good book (or two or three - as many as my nightstand can withstand). I’m head-over-heals-married to every woman’s (and some men’s ) dream come true. I have a multitude of children (no joke! We are “Yours, Mine, Ours, and Everyone Else’s” ) and I love them each beyond their comprehension - even though they’ll drive me to an early grave when they fight over who is NOT going to care for me in my last days… yeah, I still love them. I am an observer to the human plight (what the hell are we thinkin’?!) and compassionate lover of those who cannot defend themselves from our plight. I am a writer with the soul of those who came before me and opened the doors for me to be whomever I want. (I’m to be continued… … …)

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